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Justas Daugininkaitis - Electric guitar

Dominykas Snarskis - Drums

Kornelijus Pukinskis - Alto saxophone

     'SIN' is a trio led by three long-time friends in music - Dominykas Snarskis, Justas Daugininkaitis, and Kornelijus Pukinskis. Trio 'SIN' started 5 years ago during musical studies in Juozo Tallat-Kelpsos conservatoire in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2015 and 2016 they participated in Vilnius Jazz Young Power competition, both times winning the award for the most original composition. Since then, the trio has played in the openings of photographer’s Saulius Paukstys exhibitions, participated in Culture Night 2016 in Vilnius, performed at the 'Rukla' War Base, just to name a few. Trio has co-operated with composer and sound artist Arturas Bumsteinas, double bassists Conor Martin Murray and Jakob Gustafsson. Trio's music is often described as avant-garde, free jazz and it’s often based on instant composing while seeking a reciprocal state of catharsis.


SIN duo in co-operation with Conor Martin Murray:      

SIN at 'Vilnius Jazz' Festival: